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Author Mike J. Quinn’s debut novel, THE DISHWASHER’S SON, follows the odyssey of a teenage American   Minuteman volunteer, whose accidental deportation to Mexico takes a dramatic turn when he finds an uncle, and together  they discover the truth about his father’s disappearance.
After meeting his father’s family and coming to grips with the Mexican heritage he has spent his whole life denying, he makes his way to the border to get back home. With no ID except for his recent record for being deported as an undocumented immigrant, he is denied entry to the US. After several attempts to talk his way through, he resorts to sneaking across the border using all of the different methods he has been learning to defend against as an Arizona border guard volunteer. With each attempted border crossing, and subsequent apprehension, the charges against him increase, culminating in a desperate decision: cross the brutal Arizona desert and face possible death or prison. Or he could always live life as an illegal alien in Mexico.


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 The Dishwashers Son Part 1The Dishwashers Son Part 2The Dishwasher's Son Part 3


The Dishwasher's Son


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Will he make it home alive?
Caught between the two cultures of his American birthright and his Mexican roots.

Inspired by the author’s real life challenges to get citizenship for his immigrant wife and daughter, and his 25 years of managing immigrant employees.

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