Chapter 43

The sun takes forever to wake up. I call home again. Same thing. I hang up before the fourth ring. It should be late enough for Robb to be in. I put the money back into the phone and dial the 1, and then my Taco Bell phone number. “Taco Bell, how may I help you?”

“Hey, Roselyn, it’s me Frank, is Darren or Robb there?

“No, they are at a meeting.”

“Both of them?”


Why would they have a meeting without me? “Hey Roselyn, I’m still in Mexico. I lost my ID and I’m having trouble getting through the border right now and I may not be back in time for work today. Can you tell Robb that for me please?”

“I heard you got deported with the others.”

“Tell Robb I’ll try to get back as soon as I can”


An operator says something in Spanish.

“Okay, Frank, you are almost out of time, oh, wait, you probably understand that.”

“No Roselyn, I didn’t just learn Spanish the last two days.”

“Yeah, but if you’re Mexican—“

“I’m not Mexican—I’m American . . . Just tell Robb I’ll be in as soon as—“ The phone goes dead.

Now, what am I going to do? Crap, I should have told her to tell Robb to call my mom and tell her what’s up. Maybe I should just wait a bit and try going through the border again, by myself this time. I’ll just explain my situation. I can’t be the first American to lose his ID in Mexico. That would be absurd. I’m probably not even the first American to lose his ID in Mexico since September 11.

There’s a Mexican restaurant right behind me. It’s name is “El Burrito Crazy.” I wonder if this is Mexico’s version of Spanglish. They probably speak English there, being on the border and all.  The stupid phone took all the change, now all I’m left with is this . . . however much money this is.  Can I buy breakfast? Get a hotel room?

I’m hungry. I think I’ll go to this El Burrito Crazy and see if I can get something to eat when it opens. I’ll try to walk through the border again a little later. Hopefully the asshole border guards will be gone by then.


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End of Part 2

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