About the book

The usual disclaimer: any similarity between a character in The Dishwasher’s Son and anyone living or dead is purely a coincidence.

I would like to take this time to admit I have never worked at Taco Bell, so if any of the food preparation or employee training practices are

different than depicted in this book, they should be. This is a novel, after all, and not at all meant to be a documentary about Taco Bell.

Although no single person was responsible for any character in this book, the characters and their experiences were not solely wrought from my imagination. Often,

during the course of writing of this novel, a news event would present a better scenario for a scene or situation than I had written.

Reality appears to be far more creative than I.

This may also explain the Reality TV phenomenon that has been sweeping the nation for the past several years. Hollywood script writers may have just given up trying to compete with real life when trying to craft dramatic and extraordinary scenes.

American citizens accidentally being deported?

I never would have believed such a thing was possible, had I not read about it in the news, and then Googled this piece of insanity to check it’s source and authenticity. As it turns out, this was the PERFECT way to get an Arizona border guard vigilante to the wrong side of the border, and since it had actually happened, I had to use it.

But the story of this novel is not quite over.

When I finished the book I sent it out to some proof readers to check for mistakes. When one of the readers told me they liked the story but the idea that an American citizen

getting deported was too unreal a situation for him to believe, I was dumbfounded. So now I have to write this preface to explain that this in fact does happen, and actually still happens as of this writing.

This book is chock-full of irony.

So, back to the disclaimer: So many perfect plot points were plucked from the press, I feel almost guilty in claiming this book to be mine, but just like a musician who composes a new song that has never been heard before, there is still not one single note that has not been played a million times before—so it is with this novel.

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